Atheltic Club


1 Students are forbidden to any outside Athletic Club or Association which is not approved by the Government or to pay for any team other than the college team without taking the written permission of the Principal.

2. The executive Committee of the Athletic Club shall consist of the following members.

i) The Principal, Ex- Officio President.

ii) The Vice- President, a member of the staff nominated by the Principal.

iii) The Secretary to be elected by the Students.

iv) The Assistant Secretary to be elected by the students.

v) Class Representative one of each class.

vi) Representatives of the girl students to be nominated by the Principal.

vii) One or two students may be nominated by the Principal if the Principal thinks that in the interest of the Athletic Club such nomination is necessary.

viii) Captains of college teams.

ix) The Physical Education Teacher.

3. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary should be sportsmen of outstanding merit and should have preferably represented the college in the inter college tournaments in some games. Students having no such merit can't contest in the election to the above posts.

*The Secretary or the Assistant Secretary shall not be captain for any team. If a student is elected as both Secretary and Captain, he shall have to resign from one of the two offices.

4. The Executive Committee shall elect Captain or Vice-Captain in the event of there being a vacancy during session.

5. The Executive Committee shall hold office for one session only.

6. The Secretary and Assist Secretary of the previous session shall carry on the work in the next session till the election takes place.


a) To consider the budget prepared by a Sub -Committee consisting of the Vice- President, associate Members Secretary and the Captain (s). Vice­President of the previous year may be invited to attend.

b) Promotion of games and athletic among the students

c) General Management of the Club.

d)The Principal can veto any resolution passed by the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee is neither fully formed or is not in session the Principal shall have power to spend money from Athletic Club fund in the interest of the club and the college.

e)The Vice-President shall be in-charge of the accounts and all correspondence in this connection, including the ordering of goods shall be made by him.

f)He/She shall present the account in the General Meeting of the Club to be held at the begnning of the next session.

g) The Associate Memeber(s) shall assist the Vice- President in all matters and discahrge all his functions during his absence.

h). The Secretary shall be the Convener of all General and Sub- Committee Meetings. He shall prepare theAnnual Report and help the P.E.T. to organise and Co-Ordinate all the games with the assistance of different captains. He shall present the Annual Report at the General meeting of the Club to be held at the beginning of the next session. He shall perform such other works as are assigned to him by the Vice- President.

i) The Captain shall select players for the friendly and competitive matches in consultation with the Vice- President and P. E. T. They shall be responsible for the organisation of College games and shall maintain records of attendance of players during practice and coaching schedules.

j) The funds of the Club shall consist of the annual subscription collected from the students and also donations which may be received from outside.

k) The Principal may nominate any member of the staff (teaching & non­ teaching) as member of the Executive Committee, if in his/her opinion such nomination is in the best interest of the Club.

l) The Principal can veto resolution passed by the Executive Committee.He/She can make a new rule or amend the old one, if he thinks that such situation is in the interest of the club.


Running Championship Shields are awarded to the student of +2 and +3 classes (Both Boys and Girls) separately. who secure the highest number points at the Annual Athletic Meet.