College Dramatic Society

The name of the Society shall be the U.G.S. College Dramatic Society.

a) To encourage the cultivation of dramatic art among the members by arranging a theatrical performance or performance or by any other means incidentally conducive to this as the Committee of Management may from time to time determine.

b) To administer the funds that may be available for the achievement of the aims and ideals of aforesaid Society.
c) All students of the College are members of the Society.
Committee of management

For the management of the matters connected with the Society, there shall be a Committee of Management. The Committee of Management shall consist of:­

i) President- Principal (Ex- Officio) .

ii) Vice- President- A member of the staff to be nominated by the Principal. c) Secretary and Assistant-Secretary elected every year in the begining of the session.

iii) Class Representatives one from the each class.

Function of Committee of Management

a)After the election, the Executive Committee shall chalk out its programme of action for the year.

b)There shall be an annual meeting of the members of the society within two months from the beginning of the session. This meeting shall

i) Receive and consider the accounts.

ii) Elect the class representatives.

iii) Bring amendments to the constitution, if any, when necessary.

The Committee of Management shall perform the following duties.

a) Decide the play to be performed and fix the date or dates of performance. The decision shall be subject to the Principal's approval.

b) Present a statement of accounts in the Annual General Meeting.

c) Transact all other business relating to the Management of the Society.

* In furtherance of his duties, the Secretary shall convene meetings, keep records of the proceedings of these meetings and keep all accounts of the society up-to-date.

* The quorum for ordinary meeting of the committee of Management shall be five.