Social Service Guild


a) The Social Service Guild shall render help to the needy and deserving students of the College.

b) It may form volunteer groups to render social service in times of emergency.

c) It may take up constructive works such as improvement of the college campus, cleaning of the college ground or other work of community service.

d) It shall take up such items of work as are done by N.S.S.


a) Each student is required to contribute an Annual subscription of RS.20/­ for S.S.G. work.

b) It may receive aid from outside.

c) Charity shows or benefit functions may be organised to raise funds with due permission and under the supervission of the President SSG Executive Committe.


The Executive Committee, shall constitute of the follwing.

a) The Principal-Ex-Officio President

b) The Vice- President to be nominated by the Principal from among the teaching staff.

c) The Secretary to be elected by the students of the college.

d) The Assistant Secretary to be elected by the students of the College.

e) Class Representative one from each class to be elected by the respective classes.

f) One representative of the girl students to be nominated by the Principal.

*The Executive Committee shall hold office for the entire session and till the next election takes place.


a) To convene meeting of S.S.G.

b) To record the proceedings of the meetings.

c) To invite application for aid from students.

d) To organise volunteers corps.

e) To Prepare and submit Annual Report.

*In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall perform all the functions.If situation arises when there is no Secretary or Assistant Secretary, the Principal may nominate a student to act as the Secretary.