Day Scholar's Association

1. All the Day Scholars of the College shall be the Members of the Association.

2. The Association Shall take up such social and cultural activities as will foster the spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the Day Scholars' of the College.

3. There shall be a Vice-President of the Day Scholars' Association appointed by the Principal from among the members of the staff.


The following shall be the office bearers of the Executive Committee.

i) The President

ii) The Vice-President

iii) Secretary

iv) Assistant Secretary

v) Class Representatives, one from each class.

a) The Principal shall be the Ex- Officio President of the Association and shall preside over all the meetings of the Association. Any other faculty member authorised by the Principal shall preside over the meeting in which the Principal is unable to attend.

b) The Principal's decision in all matters connected with the D.S.A. shall be final.

c) The Vice- President shall be present at all the meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee Meetings. He shall assist the Secretary by helpful suggestions whenever necessary.

d) The Secretary, the Assistant Secretary and the class representatives shall be elected annually and hold office for the entire session and till the next election takes place.


There are two Common Rooms, one for male students and another for female students of the College.

1.All regular students of the college shall be eligible for availing the Common Room facilities. They are required to pay a subscription of Rs. 10/- each annually at the beginning of the term.

2. The working of the Common Room shall be regulated by an Executive Committee which consists of the following.

a) The Principal-Ex-Officio President.

b) The Vice- President to be appointed by the Principal from among the members of the staff.

c) The Lecturer in-Charge of Women Students' Common Room.

d) The Secretary and Assistant-Secretary to be elected by the students.

e) Class Representatives to be elected from each of the classes, one from each class.

3. The funds of the Common Room are under the control of the Principal and all expenditures are incurred with his/her approval.

4. The Common Room Executive Committee shall organise indoor games and competitions. Prizes shall be awarded to the winners on the Annual Day function of the college Union or any time at the discretion of the Principal.