The College Cultural Association

The "Higher Secondary wing" shall consist of all higher secondary classes in Arts, Science and commerce of this college which forms a separate entity (Vide G.O. NO.-33506 dated 31.07.1989). All the students + 2 classes in Arts, Science and Commerce shall be members of the College Cultural Association.

Objectives :

1.. To foster and encourage co-operative academic life and promote a sense of fellow feeling, educational and cultural interest among the students.

2. To organise discussion and debate on topics of general, cultural, academic, national and international importance. It may invite eminent persons to address the Association and undertake such activities as will contribute to the growth of a corporate life.

3. The Executive Committee of the Association shall consist of the following members.

a) The Principal as Ex- Officio President.

b) The Adviser and the Associate advisers shall be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.

c) The Secretary to be elected by the students from among the 1st and 2nd year students.

d) The Assistant- Secretary to be elected by the students from among the 1 st year students.

4. Class Representatives:

a)One from each class to be elected.

b) One representative of the girl students to be nominated by the Principal.

5.a) The Executive Committee shall hold office for one session only.

b) The Secretary or the Assistant Secretary of the previous session shall carry on a work in the next session till the election takes place subject to clause (iii).

c) An examinee shall cease to be a member of the executive Committee after he has been sent-up for the Higher Secondary Examination.

d) The assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and in his absence perform all his functions. .

6. The funds of the Cultural Association shall consist of the Annual subscription collected from the students of +2 classes and also donations which may be received from others.

7. The Executive Committee shall Prepare a budget for the session and get it approved by the Principal before any expenditure is incurred. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a regular account of all expenditure which should be supported by vouchers and submit account for audit.

8. The Principal shall be the sole authority of the Cultural Association and may, If the situation so warrants, disolve the Association or nominate an office bearer such as the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary in the interest of the Association.

9. The general rule of the college concerning administrative, academic and disciplinary matters shall be equally applicable to the students of Higher Secondary wing.